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Our Story

Our story begins with a passion for European cuisine that grew from our founders Eric and Ha, a French-Vietnamese couple with a love for travel and great food. They dreamt of enjoying the gourmet products they discovered in Europe at home. From that small idea, a thriving business grew. Soon Eric and Ha opened up their first store which rapidly grew to a chain of gourmet markets, providing dedicated foodies, ex-pats and enthusiastic locals with a taste of Europe.
We soon realized that the demand for gourmet food wasn’t contained to our direct customers. Local businesses expressed an interest in the distinguished food products, wine, beverage and cosmetic that we could provide and so we began to supply local hotels, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and international markets. Their customers fell in love with the international brands we were able to source and we developed and developing Annam Fine Food to cater to that growing need.









"Enjoy Life. Eat and Drink Well"

Eric and Ha Merlin

CEO and Founders - Annam Fine Food

Our Company

Annam Fine Food business started in 2000 in a small food and wine retail store in Ho Chi Minh City to cater the expats and locals looking for high quality food and beverage products.

In no time, the business quickly grew into different complimentary businesses due to the demand of its customers. A few short year later, Annam Fine Food has become the leading importer and distributor of premium food products, wine, beverages and cosmetics in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos

With over 400 direct customers, including retailers, wholesalers, food service and sub- distributor millions of customers have access to and enjoy our products every day.

As part of our commitment to be the best provider of high- quality products in the Vietnam market, Annam Fine Food continues to increase its product portfolio and improve customer service

Our Strength

20 Years of experience in distributing & marketing established international brands

Clear understanding of customers’ expectations

Multi-cultural management expertise: Vietnamese, Asian and Western management

Evolving and dynamic company with sound, effective and efficient sales and marketing teams

Indochina and regional capabilities

Continuous commitment to investing in growth and company infrastructure